Arielle Levy
Arielle Levy

Arielle Levy is a female photographer living in sunny San Diego that shoots fashion and creates digital social media imagery content of all sorts. She enjoys working directly with fashion bloggers and companies everyday of the week and feels happiest with a chestnut praline latte on her side, and her camera strap on her neck. She's a fashion enthusiast herself and will go to any length to get the perfect shot. All good ideas have come to her in the shower or driving; like all good ones do, including the one to pick back up her camera after college and leave a great "normal" job to follow her passion of photography. Alright enough of the stuffy bio stuff; Arielle here, I love taking photos it's as simple as that and I also can't stand talking about myself in the third person. Whether you want some "just because" amazing photos of yourself, your family, for your business or you're thinking of choosing me to create blog content or social media content with you.

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